We offer 16 hours of childcare per week! 

We're committed to getting you in the gym so you can start or continue your CrossFit journey while balancing a family with little ones. Because of that, we currently offer childcare 16 times per week, which allows you to drop off your children during scheduled times so you can participate in a CrossFit or Bootcamp class while your children are cared for by one of our childcare providers. The cost for this is just $1 per child per visit. Also, we do offer families the option to purchase unlimited childcare for all children for a total of $25 per month.

At this time, childcare is offered Monday-Friday at 9:00am, 4:00pm, and 5:00pm, as well as at 9:00am on Saturdays.

Rules for Childcare:

  • Children are accepted into the childcare room from the ages of six months to 11 years of age. Children over the age of five are also welcome to sit in our waiting room while their parents work out. Children under six months are welcome to join their parents in the gym, provided they are safely secured in a seat, within the parent's line of sight and placed out of harm's way.

  • Up to 3 children per family are allowed in the childcare room at any given time.

  • Children are not permitted to be in the childcare area without staff present.

  • All children must be signed in and out.

  • The only children that are authorized to be in the childcare area are those of the members of CrossFit Raeford.

  • Parents are asked to feed their children prior to bringing them to childcare, as our staff is not authorized to feed them.

  • No gum or food substances are allowed in the childcare area. Clear drinks in spill-proof containers are acceptable. Please label all items.

  • Parents shall electronically fill out emergency contact information for each child who will be left in childcare.

  • Parents shall take their children to the restroom prior to leaving their children with the childcare attendant.

  • Children who wear diapers should arrive on-site with a dry diaper, as attendants are not permitted to change diapers. Should it be necessary, the staff will get the parent from the workout floor to address any diaper issues.

  • CrossFit Raeford is not responsible for lost or damaged items brought from home. Any property your child brings from home should not be stored in the facility. Coins, balloons, toy guns, and toy swords are not permitted in the childcare room.

  • Parents may drop off their child a maximum of 10 minutes before class start time and pick them up no later than 10 minutes after class ending time.

  • Parents and legal guardians must remain in the gym while their children are in childcare. Parents may not leave the premises for any reason while their children are in childcare.

  • No shoes are permitted inside the childcare room.

  • The childcare staff reserves the right to refuse childcare to anyone at any time.

  • Children are not permitted to be on the gym floor or to play on or use any gym equipment. Whole You Health and Fitness LLC, CrossFit Raeford, any of its employees or contractors cannot be held liable for injury or damages that may occur from failure to follow this rule.

  • CrossFit Raeford reserves the right to suspend childcare privileges and membership from any member who consistently neglects the policies without explanation.

Sick Children: For the safety of everyone involved, parents are asked not to bring sick children to our childcare. The following standards will be enforced to ensure that all children and staff are protected from communicable diseases. Children with any of the following symptoms will not be accepted into childcare:

  • Cloudy or otherwise discolored nasal or eye discharge

  • Productive cough

  • Unidentified rash

  • Fever

  • Diarrhea

  • Vomiting

  • Pink eye

  • Reddened sore throat

  • Open, exposed wounds

  • Other obvious signs of sickness

In order to resume using childcare after sickness, children must be symptom-free for 24 hours after symptoms cease. If your child does not attend school due to an illness, he/she will not be admitted into our childcare room. If your child contracts a contagious disease and has recently been in childcare with us, please contact the staff immediately.

Appropriate Behaviors:

  1. Children are expected to behave appropriately for their age group. Repeated disregard for rules or failure to listen to childcare staff will result in redirection of the child. If the behavior continues, the staff member will try again to redirect the child.

  2. Parents will be called to the childcare room if their child continues behaving inappropriately. If this is a repeated occurrence, a course of action will be decided upon by the parent and childcare staff and/or CFR management where appropriate. CFR and its staff reserve the right to suspend childcare privileges for a specified period of time, if deemed necessary.

  3. Parents will be called back to the childcare room if their child continues to cry for a period in excess of 10 minutes.

While we always try to notify everyone about a change in childcare, childcare times are subject to change and or cancellation without notice. Changes to these policies will be sent to the current members through email.

These rules have been made to ensure the safety and comfort of your child and to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for all members at CFR.