At CrossFit Raeford, we believe that mastery of the basics is paramount before an athlete can begin to progress properly and eventually maximize their potential. The Foundations program at CFR teaches our new athletes the 9 fundamental movements that they will need to be successful. Our coaches will actively engage you and ensure that you can participate in your first group workout safely and with confidence

By the end of this 3 private class program you will have a solid understanding of every movement that you will be asked to perform in the group workouts. We include your first months Unlimited CrossFit payment into your CrossFit Foundations pricing.

For the convenience of our members, signing up for the Foundations program will automatically turn into a reoccurring payment at the end of the first month.. This means that if you complete Foundations in 3 days you'll get the rest of a month at CrossFit Raeford with your unlimited account.

If you have any questions about this please talk to a coach or email us. If you want to make a change after Foundations but before the next month starts we ask that you please let us know before the 1st. There is a $7 processing fee if you wait until after the withdrawal has already gone through.

Because we feel so strongly about the basics, we require everyone new to CrossFit to participate in our Foundations program. If you feel you are exempt, please stop by and speak with one of our coaches.

Cost - $209 (3 private foundations classes and first month of unlimited CrossFit)